FAQ’s Christmas Program

1.    How do I sign up ?

2.    I’ve registered now what?
After completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. One of our Christmas Program coordinators will contact you the week of October 29th with further information and a profile of the family or youth you have been matched with. 

3.    How do I know how much to spend on the family/youth I am given?
The cost of sponsoring a family depends on the size, the composition of the family and the amount of funds available to the donor. If you are thinking of adopting two families you may want to consider one large family instead. Each family does require grocery gift cards, this allows them the opportunity to go out and purchase groceries for the household or items for Christmas dinner.

Click Here to help breakdown the costs associated with a CCAS family/youth

4. Can I give gently used items?

No, we request that all gift items be new.

5.   How will I know what kinds of gifts will be suitable for the family or youth?
To assist you with picking gifts for your adopted family, we will provide you with non-identifying details  including the age, gender, clothing size and the preferences of the children and their parents or guardian(s).  You are not obligated to purchase everything on the list, but we do  request that you budget a food gift card so the family can purchase groceries for Christmas Dinner. The preferred vendor is Presidents Choice as most of our families shop at NoFrills.

6.    Can I donate gift cards instead of adopting a family?
Yes, we have a gift card program. Click here

7.    My workplace has done Adopt-A-Family in the past and we are looking for something new. What other Christmas related programs do you have?
Our Christmas program has two other components besides the Adopt-a-Family program. A gift card program, where donors can collect gift cards  for our families. These gift cards allow us to support families throughout the year, not just at Christmas.

We also have a necessity drive program where baby diapers, baby supplies, school supplies, cleaning and personal hygiene products, are collected for our families. Contact us at christmas@hopeforchildren.ca or by telephone at 416-395-1634 for registration details.

8.    How do the gifts get to the family ?
The worker will deliver the gifts to the family. The earlier you drop off the gifts to us the earlier the family will be able to receive them.  Our staff is committed to ensuring that all gifts are delivered to the family in time for the Christmas holiday.  We are asking that gifts be brought to our drop off locations no later than Wednesday December 12, 2018.

9.    What is the deadline to deliver my gifts by?
In order for us to ensure the family receives your donation well before Christmas we are requesting that you drop off items no later than Wednesday December 12, 2018. 

10.    Where do I deliver them?

There are 4 locations in the GTA to drop your donations off at (Yonge and Wellesley, Scarborough, Dufferin Mall and Yonge and Finch)  More details TBD.

11.    Should I wrap the gifts?
It is best if your gifts come unwrapped.  We have had gifts wrapped in the past, and have found that parents want to know what their children are receiving, so they unwrap and re-wrap the gifts.  It is best to put each child's gift into a large gift bag with their name on it or supply the gift wrap for parents to wrap the children's presents.

The presents for the parents can be wrapped if you so choose.

Gift wrap and gift bags are always welcome, as we never have enough.

12.    Can I meet the family/youth I am sponsoring?
Many donors ask to meet the family or youth they have been matched with, however, due to confidentiality and privacy laws, this is not possible.  We do make every effort possible to obtain family feedback to pass on to the donor.

13.    Are my gifts eligible for a charitable tax receipt?
New This Year -  After consultation with other Children's Aid Societies as well as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the Hope for Children Fund of the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto has made the decision to stop issuing Gift In Kind donation receipts for the Adopt-A-Family Program. Cash and Gift Card donations will still be eligible to receive  a tax receipt

14.    How are families referred to the program? 
Families are referred by their Child Protection or Family Service worker. These workers know the family and their financial need as they work with them on a regular basis.  All referred families are low-income and many are living in extreme poverty.

15.    How should I package the gifts to the family/youth? 
We recommend that you package your gifts in either boxes or large gift bags, this makes it easier to transport the gifts to the family. 

16.    I can’t afford to sponsor a whole family, but would like to participate
Not a problem! Consider supporting our gift card program, or making a donation online towards our Christmas program.

17.    How do I know what stores the family likes to shop at?
The profiles will contain a list of stores and the malls/shopping centers that the family tends to shop at. If you need further clarification you can always email your Christmas Coordinator once you receive your profile.