Hope for Children Fund turns children’s dreams of summer camps into reality

One of our goals for the summer is to enroll as many children and youth as possible in a summer camp of their choice.  For those of you who went to camp as kids, you can relate to how exciting this time of year is, knowing that you would soon be arriving at camp.  Some of us are lucky to call summer camp one of the highlights of our youth.

For many of our clients; however, summer break is not to be celebrated.  When school lets out, parents have more than two months to fill, without any scheduled activities.  Any parent knows that this is no small feat.  The cost of sending kids to camp can be astronomical, even for families who aren’t struggling financially.  As families try to manage placing their children in a safe environment while they go to work, summer can turn from being something exciting to being immensely stressful. 

As our clients strive to enhance their children’s lives, donors continue to provide a cushion for them to do so with success.  Susan (not her real name) is a mother to two children, ages nine and seven. Last summer her children attended camp for the first time.  “As a single mother, the more support my family and I can have access to, the better our family is able to thrive.  Both of my children have a disability, as one is autistic and the other has ADHD.  Royal City Soccer Club welcomed my sons with no hesitation and provided them an opportunity that they had never experienced.  Without my devoted worker, Nora, letting us know of this opportunity, they would have not had a chance to go to camp.”

Providing positive memories that shape children’s lives can have a major impact on their self-esteem. Camp is a time when young people challenge themselves by building new relationships and trying new activities; they unplug from technology, show more independence, experience success and become more confident.

Susan was able to see the positive impact on her children,  “Their favorite part of the entire week was the final event day.  All of the campers received a medal for their week of participation and a brand new soccer ball to take home.  It was so nice for them to finish a week of camp with a present from the program, and memories to last a lifetime.”

These kinds of memories have a significant impact on children and introduce them to new possibilities that can potentially be life-changing.

Susan had this to say to the donors:  “Thank you so much for your help of supporting children, such as mine, to attend summer camp.  It’s such a wonderful opportunity for children to do something exciting like this during the summer.  I’m very happy that my sons were able to have this experience.  I believe it gave my boys a time to grow, and challenge themselves.”

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