Letter of gratitude from one of our Scholarship Recipients

Dear Catholic Children’s Aid Society and Hope for Children Donor,

My dream is to change the world… to change and impact the lives of children and youth in the foster care system, so they can be their best selves, and in turn, make a difference in our world.  I hope to use my future career to move this dream from aspiration to action.

As a former youth in care, I understand what it means to be supported by your agency.  I have never received so much love and care from people I didn’t know until I met CCAS staff, foster parents and group home staff.  I want to help make children’s lives better, just as they did mine. 

Like many Crown Wards, I chose a somewhat altered path to post-secondary education.  During my teen years, I struggled with school and had many challenges to overcome.  But as they say, “it’s never too late to reach your goals,” and, I did just that by returning to high school as a mature student.  At the age of 24, I graduated valedictorian of my high school class and was then ready to move onto higher education.

Thanks to your generous contribution through the Enid McDiarmid Scholarship Fund, I am attending Niagara College in the Child and Youth Worker diploma program.  As my donor, you have helped me tremendously, both academically and financially.  This scholarship has helped to take away some daily stressors for me, and for that, I cannot be more grateful.

During the fall semester at College, I relied on the support of my past CCAS worker and my school counsellor to see me through the hills and valleys of navigating a challenging course load, while being a full-time mother of two young children.  I’m grateful to still have an ongoing relationship with my former CCAS worker – thank you for your continued support, even after I left care.

I am who I am today because of my past, and I embrace a positive and optimistic mindset as I look to the future – to graduating College in 2018.



Scholarship Recipient