Spring 2015

A Mother's Story

In a matter of weeks, a new crib was delivered to Joyce’s apartment. It took a while for her and the baby to adjust to the crib, but they are now both sleeping soundly through the night. “I had to plan out a whole routine, but it was worth the effort to know that my baby is safe,” says Joyce.


Breaking down Barriers to Success

Many youth face barriers in their day-to-day lives such as coping with change and balancing work and school. But, imagine if you were a youth who struggled to pay for food, shelter, water and the basic necessities of life? This is the reality for most of our youth in care as of the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.


Camp for Kids

The days are getting longer. The warm weather is coming and we begin to look forward to the summer months. Friends, laughter, outdoor gatherings, sporting events, camping.


A Youth takes her education to teach abroad

Andrea is a recent University graduate. She entered foster care when she was nine years old because her parents could no longer care for her. She moved in with her brother and her foster parents.