Emergency Assistance Grants

Help for today, hope for tomorrow

What constitutes a financial crisis in your family? A great number of the families CCAS serves live in poverty and even the smallest change in their financial situation can have a devastating effect on a parent’s ability to manage and provide appropriate care for their children. Items such as diapers, baby formula, and school supplies are not necessities – they become luxuries. Finding enough money for eyeglasses or a  trip to the dentist is next to impossible. Too often, it’s the little things that become big barriers. Providing help to children and youth during the most vulnerable times in their lives directly impacts their quality of  life.

Donate Now

You can give relief and hope

Our Emergency Assistance Grants Program gives a helping hand to impoverished children, youth and families when they need it the most. CCAS child protection workers can apply to us for Emergency Grants, which provide critical relief for families and children. Supporting families through their time of need is the most effective way of making a difference in our children’s lives and giving them hope for a brighter future. Your donation will go a long way in helping families pay for critical medical needs, and winter clothing, emergency daycare, or baby formula.

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