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You don’t need to be around children very long before you realize that their imagination can take them to magical, far away places… places you remember exploring as a child. There is no greater vision of hope than a child discovering their world – eyes wide with wonder and excitement. But, when this passion for learning isn’t fueled by compassionate caregivers in a supportive environment, many children grow into disillusioned teens. We meet so many young people who lack the positive role models they desperately need to achieve success and happiness. Without intervention, many of these teens become young parents, passing the same struggles onto their children. That’s why Hope for Children Fund is committed to child abuse prevention. While the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto receives government funding to provide safe and loving environments where children and teens can grow, our Fund supplies essentials not covered by the funding – critical things like university scholarships, emergency financial assistance to help in times of crisis, safe cribs for infants, summer camp opportunities, sports, arts and cultural activities and much more. Learn more about CCAS here.