Nelson Mandela Scholarship Fund

The Nelson Mandela Scholarship Fund was first established in 1994 following a donor’s gift to the Society in honour of the end of apartheid in South Africa. The scholarship pays tribute to the memory of Nelson Mandela and his accomplishments as one of the greatest historical and change agents of the 20th Century and in Black History.  

The Nelson Mandela Scholarship committee is comprised of CCAS employees and retirees and meets each year to fundraise for this special fund in order to award one current or former crown ward with a scholarship grant for up to $2000.

Over the past 20 years, the committee has worked together to preserve and promote the memory of Mandela and his accomplishments for racial and social justice by supporting youth with their own personal aspirations of higher learning.  

The committee needs your help in supporting this important fund. “We want to see this fund grow, and never stop growing. We want to empower youth in their education goals and help them understand that education is attainable no matter what their situation may be,” says Claudette Thomas, Adoption Supervisor and committee member. “I truly believe in the parable – to whom much is given, much is required” and because of this I would challenge everyone to make a financial contribution to the Nelson Mandela Scholarship  Fund to honour and celebrate the legacy that we have come to know.”

Quick Facts:

Please join in keeping the legacy of Nelson Mandela’s work alive within our own community. Let us be the ancestors and allies of opportunity for our youth – helping them learn, grow and become the future leaders in our world. Make a donation to support this scholarship and empower youth to strive towards post-secondary education. Donate to the Nelson Mandela Scholarship Fund by clicking here