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Our youth face a number of challenges – many have struggled with abuse and poverty. Getting a post-secondary education is critical in helping them break away from poverty and unemployment to become successful. Although the Ontario government now provides additional support through tuition breaks for Crown wards, not all colleges are a part of that program and not all Crown wards will be able to receive this funding. Being able to afford college or university is still a challenge for many of our youth who do not have the financial and emotional support of a family. Many of our youth are also trying to complete their post-secondary education while juggling the burdens of living on their own. Though the government stipend that students receive provides some financial relief, it only scratches the surface. Burdens such as rent, groceries and household expenses weigh heavily on our youth who are pursuing higher education. Your help goes a long way to ease some of the financial stress they experience and helps them build a brighter future. Our youth deserve the same opportunities to succeed regardless of the challenges they face.

Meet Anthony
He is a brilliant and passionate young man who is defying the odds. Read his compelling story!

Meet Adam
He is able to pursue his passion thanks to the generosity of our donors. Read his heart-warming story!


We need your help to ensure youth can get the support they need to succeed in life. We need funds to help keep up with the demand of young people in search of a better future. Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty. Please consider donating any amount towards a scholarship and assist us in creating a brighter future for our youth.

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About our scholarships

The scholarship criteria are acceptance in a college, university, or job training program, and a recommendation from the youth's caseworker. Scholarships are distributed once a year at our annual Scholarship Evening. If you would like to set up a named or endowment scholarship award, please contact