Passionate About Helping Others: One CCAS Youth Strives to Make a Difference

Sheldon came into the care of CCAS when he was just six years-old. Today, he is an intelligent and diligent young man with a bright future and he is on a mission to help children and youth. “I am passionate about helping people,” says Sheldon. “Although I grew up in the child welfare system, I was fortunate to get the help I needed. I want to give back and help people who are having difficulty.”

This year Sheldon was the recipient of a CCAS’s Hope for Children Fund Scholarship and has been pursuing a diploma at Sheridan College in Child and Youth Work. He loves every moment of it. “The program focuses on helping you to understand people, build people up and contribute to their growth,” says Sheldon. “What else could you want in life?”

Sheldon has put his words into action, recently taking on a part-time position at the YMCA where will work as a child and youth worker, mentoring others. In addition, Sheldon was selected from among his peers for a short-term placement at the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth. He will also be a part of a Youth Advisory Committee at CCAS which is expected to commence later this Spring. Sheldon, along with another former crown ward, Gerald will be working together to develop programs and provide advice and guidance to other CCAS youth.

Sheldon spends his spare time reading, practicing yoga and meditating. He hopes to major in psychology at the University of Toronto when he completes his Child and Youth Worker diploma.