Summer Camps

Creating Memories: Where Happiness Inspires Hope

Do you remember what you loved about camp? Toasting marshmallows and singing songs around the campfire; learning new skills like how to paddle a canoe, tie knots or tell really good stories? Maybe what you remember most about camp is the great friends you made and the wonderful memories you created.

Without our funding, our children will not have the opportunity to experience camp. Every direct service we provide to our children impacts their quality of life and advances us in our Mission.

For many of the children and youth that we serve, camp is a much-needed opportunity to enjoy some carefree time over the summer months. They can develop skills, build self-esteem and, most importantly, be kids for a little while.

Whether it’s wilderness camp, an arts camp or a sports camp, our kids will benefit from the experience that only camp can provide.

The Difference You Make


Meet Marissa

She lives in foster care and recently had her first Summer camp experience. Read about how camp made a huge impact on Marissa's life!

Donate to kids like Marissa And remember, any amount helps towards the cost of sending a child to camp. If you have any questions, please contact us.