The Power of Safe Sleep - One Mom’s Story

April 10th, 2014

For new mom, Ann, the gift of a crib from the Hope for Children Fund made all the difference in the life of her and her son. A single mom with limited means, her son spent his first three months sleeping in a bassinet while she tried to sort out the issues she faced. After awhile, the mounting stresses of being a single mom and dealing with postpartum issues started to wear on her. She turned to 211 directory service to find help and was referred to places she could turn for support – including the Catholic Children’s Aid Society.

Initially, she was concerned to see CCAS at her door, but when she started to understand the process and see her worker as an ally, things began to change. Her worker did a safety assessment of Ann’s apartment and when she learned that Ann was co-sleeping with her child due to a lack of options, she referred her to the Hope for Children Fund crib program. With the crib, Ann’s worker helped to educate her on the safest ways for the baby to sleep, as well as giving her printed information to reference.

The crib has been a huge relief and Ann is very grateful. She now knows that her son has a safe place to sleep and she is even able to take a quick shower now, knowing he is safe. She cannot express enough her appreciation of her worker and the Hope for Children crib program.